STARRS-LS: Building on Army STARRS

STARRS-LS was designed to include longitudinal follow-up studies of more than 72,000 Soldiers who participated in Army STARRS. STARRS-LS is needed to continue and further develop the momentum created by the highly successful Army STARRS project, and to continue to find answers to the important mental and behavioral health issues for the DoD now and into the future.

Science-based Answers

STARRS-LS will expand our understanding of risk and protective factors for mental/behavioral health issues including suicide, suicide-related behavior, and a wide range of other outcomes of interest to the DoD. The study will produce further actionable findings and enable data- and science-based answers for the questions of health, resilience, and manpower management of the Army of the future.

Scientific Advisory Board

The STARRS-LS Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is an independent group of 11 external experts and scientists (1 chair and 10 members) selected by, and reporting to, the STARRS-LS Principal Investigators. The SAB provides scientific advice to the Principal Investigators through periodic meetings with the Research Team.

Government Steering Committee

Government oversight of STARRS-LS is provided by a Government Steering Committee (GSC). The STARRS-LS GSC consists of 20 people including 4 chairs and 16 members. The 4 chairs consist of one representative from each of OASD(HA), ODUSA, VA and NIMH. The Research Team meets with the GSC on a quarterly basis to report on progress and findings.