We have already learned a great deal from Army STARRS, but there are many questions that still need to be answered regarding suicide, mental health, and behavioral health issues in the military. We will continue to analyze the vast amount of data available from Army STARRS, and we will add important new data through STARRS-LS that will enhance the value of the previously collected data. STARRS-LS will help the DoD better understand many complex and important issues.

Achieving Our Goal

STARRS-LS will allow longer follow-up of Soldiers during their careers in the Army as well as during their transition from the Army back to civilian life, for those who leave the Army. The goal of the project will be achieved by extending the existing Army STARRS data, and by continuing and expanding the data analysis.


  • Enrich the Army STARRS data by conducting longitudinal follow-up studies of more than 72,000 Army STARRS participants to further build on the data sets designed to answer the complex and perplexing questions about suicide and war that are critical to the DoD for future combat engagements.
  • Allow the continued analysis of the huge volume of data already collected in order to produce actionable findings for the DoD for years to come.