Press Releases

04/14/2022 — USU Press Release
Study uses machine-learning approach to calculate risk for veteran homelessness

08/30/2021 — USU Press Release
In Soldiers, Risk for Suicide Attempt is Highest 30 Days After Suicidal Thoughts

02/01/2019 — USU Press Release
Past Trauma Exposure, Major Depression Risk Factors for Suicidal Thoughts in Deployed Soldiers

04/16/2018 — USU Press Release
Early First Deployment, or Short Time Between Deployments, Increases Risk for Attempting Suicide in Soldiers

07/25/2017 — USU Press Release
Unit history of suicide attempt increases suicide risk for troops

05/25/2016 — USU Press Release
Study Published in JAMA Psychiatry Examines Suicide Attempt Risk Factors, Methods and Timing, Related to Deployment Among Active Duty Soldiers

05/23/2016 — USU Press Release
Researchers Identify Genetic Risk Factors for PTSD

10/06/2015 — Harvard Press Release
Predicting Soldiers Who Will Commit Severe, Violent Crimes

07/08/2015 — USUHS Press Release
Risk Factors for Army Suicide Attempts

11/12/2014 — NIMH Press Release
Soldiers at Increased Suicide Risk after Leaving Hospital

11/12/2014 — USUHS Press Release
Soldiers at Increased Risk for Suicide Within a Year of Psychiatric In-Patient Treatment

11/12/2014 — Harvard Press Release
Predicting U.S. Army Suicides After Hospital Discharge

10/23/2014 — USUHS Press Release
Pre-Enlistment Mental Disorders, Suicide Rates Among New Soldiers Comparable to Civilians

10/23/2014 — Harvard Press Release
Pre-Enlistment Mental Disorders and Suicidality Among New U.S. Army Soldiers

03/03/2014 — NIH Press Release
Suicide in the military: Army–NIH funded study points to risks, potentially protective factors

07/16/2009 — NIMH
NIMH, U.S. Army Sign MOA to Conduct Groundbreaking Suicide Research

11/12/2008 — NIMH
Evidence-Based Prevention is Goal of Largest Ever Study of Suicide in the Military

In the News

Army STARRS Publications in the News

08/01/2022 — Military REACH
Unit cohesion during deployment and post-deployment mental health: Is cohesion an individual- or unit-level buffer for combat-exposed soldiers?

05/05/2022 — WBUR
Study identifies way to predict homelessness among veterans before they leave the service

05/03/2022 — Massachusetts General Hospital
A unique machine-learning model predicts homelessness among U.S. soldiers before their transition to civilian life

07/20/2019 —
New Military Suicide Report May Revive Debate Over Gun Restrictions

09/10/2018 — Dana Foundation
Predicting Suicides — Beyond STARRS

07/26/2017 — Science Daily
Risk of suicide attempts in army units with history of suicide attempts

07/26/2017 — CNN
A suicide attempt in an Army unit can lead to more, study finds

07/15/2016 — Orlando Sentinel
Off to war, then home to commit suicide: The Interview

06/09/2016 — Stars and Stripes
Enlisted soldiers at highest risk of suicide soon after joining

06/07/2016 — The Wall Street Journal
As Suicide Rates Rise, Scientists Find New Warning Signs

05/29/2016 — The New York Times
Those With Multiple Tours of War Overseas Struggle at Home

05/25/2016 — Science Daily
Study examines suicide attempt risk factors, methods and timing, related to deployment among active duty soldiers

05/25/2016 — STAT News
Suicide Risk Spikes for Soldiers at Specific Moments in Their Careers

05/25/2016 — NBC News
Military Suicides: Most Attempts Come Before Soldiers Ever See Combat

05/25/2016 — EurekAlert
What are the timing and risk factors for suicide attempts in the army?

05/25/2016 —
Predeployment Riskiest Time for Military Suicide Attempts

01/09/2016 — ScienceNews
As suicide rates rise, researchers separate thoughts from actions

12/10/2015 — U.S. Medicine
‘Big Data’ Helps Predict Which Soldiers Most Likely to Commit Violent Crimes

10/06/2015 — Los Angeles Times
New tool can predict which soldiers most likely to commit violent crimes, study shows

07/08/2015 — CBS News
Study identifies which soldiers are most likely to attempt suicide

07/08/2015 — KUOW (radio)
Women In Military More Likely To Attempt Suicide

07/08/2015 — Medical Daily
Women, Rookie Soldiers From The Iraq And Afghanistan Wars Face Higher Risk Of Attempted Suicide

07/08/2015 — Military Times
Study: Junior troops, women more likely to try suicide

07/08/2015 — Associated Press
Suicide Attempts Most Common in Newer Soldiers, Study Found

07/08/2015 — Reuters
Suicide risk factors for U.S. Army soldiers identified

01/27/2015 — KMOX (radio)
Predicting Suicides After Psychiatric Hospitalization in US Army Soldiers (abstract & audio interview)

01/07/2015 — JAMA Psychiatry (audio)
Author Interviews: Dr. Ron Kessler talks about predicting suicide after hospitalization (audio interview)

11/12/2014 — NBC News
Risk Model Seen as Reducing Military Suicides

11/12/2014 — Medical Daily
Spike in Soldier Suicide Rates Leads to Prediction of Post-Hospitalization Suicides

10/02/2014 — New York Times
Studies Link Mental Issues and the Rigor of the Military

03/06/2014 — KMOX (radio)
Michael Schoenbaum on military suicides

03/04/2014 — PBS NewsHour (TV)
New study links pre-existing risks to rise in Army suicides

03/04/2014 — KCRW (radio)
Military Mental Illness

03/04/2014 — The New York Times
Suicidal Tendencies Are Evident Before Deployment, Study Finds

Army STARRS Investigators in the News

10/21/2013 — Institute of Medicine (video)
War, Battlefield, and the Effects of Violence

06/26/2013 — The New York Times
The Suicide Detective

Army STARRS in the News

10/24/2016 — Army Times
Years later, Army follows up with soldiers from suicide risk survey

03/14/2013 — DVIDS
Army STARRS in Korea: Researching suicide and well-being

04/03/2012 — NBC News
Army Program Aims to Predict Soldiers' Resiliency

09/08/2011 — The Dana Foundation
New Army Risk and Resilience Project Searches for Signs of Potential Suicide

08/20/2010 — NIMH
Army Suicide Study Kicks into Gear by NIMH Director Tom Insel

07/16/2010 — 60-second Army Now (video)
60-second Army Now Interviews Col. Chris Philbrick

Preliminary Findings in the News

11/22/2011 — Northwest Guardian
Waivers make no difference, suicide study says

03/25/2011 — Stars and Stripes
Stars and Stripes reports on recent findings

03/18/2011 — USA Today
Female soldiers' suicide rate triples when at war